player Struct Reference

Structure for storing character info. More...

#include <player.h>

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Data Fields

int race
int profession
int zm
int endurance
int perception
int strength
int intellegence
int speed
int luck
int accuracy
struct iteminventory
struct itemweaponwielded
struct itemarmoronbody
struct itemquiver
int number_of_items
struct cell tempinv
int spellpoints
int hp
int mspellpoints
int mhp
int ac
int attack
int xp
int level
int nutrition
struct skillboxsb
int skillpoints

Detailed Description

Structure for storing character info.

Field Documentation

Armor on body (active)

Our adventurer's backpack

Number of items in inventory

Profession of character (e.g., DIVINE_ASSASSIN or ARCHER

Points to supplies in quiver

Race of character (HUMAN is the only available now)

Container of skills

Number of skillpoints

Temporary inventory. Contains cell the player stands on

Weapon in hand

Amount of gold

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