Variable attributes


int player::spellpoints
int player::hp
int player::mspellpoints
int player::mhp
int player::ac
int player::attack
int player::xp
int player::level
int player::nutrition

Detailed Description

Variable attributes

Variable Documentation

int player::ac [inherited]

Armor class

int player::attack [inherited]

Attack bonus

int player::hp [inherited]

Curent hit points

int player::level [inherited]

Level of character

int player::mhp [inherited]

Maximum hit points

int player::mspellpoints [inherited]

Maximum spell points

int player::nutrition [inherited]

Nutrition (see wikihack for info)

int player::spellpoints [inherited]

Current spell points (in other words - mana)

int player::xp [inherited]

Expirience points

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