Tales of Paraverse - Rogue like RPG


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What is Tales of Paraverse?

Tales of Paraverse is free (licensed under GPL v3) rogue like RPG. It designed to look like Nethack, but it is written from scratch. You can learn more about Tales of Paraverse from FAQ.

Some typical questions:

How can I install it?

You need to install ncurses (with headers!) and jam firstly. Secondly, download the code. I strongly recommend you to use git repo: git://tprpg.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/tprpg/tprpg (Just type git clone git://tprpg.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/tprpg/tprpg tprpg in terminal).

Next steps are:
cd tprpg

How can I play it?

You can start playing game by invoking tp from code directory. Then type ? in game to see basic commands. For additional info see Documentation page

What is next?

My game seems good for you? Excellent! Maybe you want to dive into code? Doxygen documentation can help you here.

Some additional links:

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