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Common environment
Basic keys
Special commands

How to play this game:

What I need to do?

Common environment

Tales of Paraverse screenshot

Look at the picture. Here is explanation of symbols on screen:

' ' (space) Rocks
. (dot) Floor of a room
| or - Walls
# Passage
a-zA-Z (F in this case) Monsters
@ Player
> Downstairs
< Upstairs
+ Closed door (also - is opened door)

Detailed description:
You can see symbol '@' on the screenshot. It is your game character. You can control him by pressing different keys (See Basic keys section) or by invoking special commands(See Special commands section). The character stands on floor ('.' is floor, '@' is player). You can move the character to any another square of floor. Any attempt to go through a wall ('|' or '-') will fail. The area which is limited by walls and contains "floor" squares is called "a room". You also can go through large passages which connect different rooms. You can not go through rocks (' ' symbol) but can transform them into passages.
Also you can change dungeon level. For that you need to stand on '<' or '>' symbol and press correspondent key.
Finaly, you can loot monsters. For that, stay on backpack of dead monster and press ',' key. Then press keys of items you want to pick up (without any separators) and press <enter>

Basic keys

k up
j down
l right
h left
b down-left
n down-right
y up-left
u up-right
Interaction with world
o Open a door
c Close the door
, Pick up item
; Far look command
> Go downstairs
< Go upstairs
p Show player's stats
$ Show amount of gold you have
i Show inventory
Interaction with inventory
a Apply a tool
w Wield a weapon
r Wear an armor
e Eat a meal from inventory
File managment
s Save game
Skill management
O Show skills statistics
D Distribute skillpoints between skills
q Show current quests
# Invoke special command

Detailed description:
There are many keys in Tales of Paraverse. Almost all of them are needed to control your character. All keys can be separated on groups by their meaning. The first group called "movement" contains keys which are used to control movement of your character. See table above for information.
The second is "Interaction with world". It contains keys for different purposes such as opening or closing a door, etc.
The third group is "Interaction with inventory" group. The keys in this group are used to controll content of player's backpack (or inventory).
The fourth group contains only one key which is used to save your game and quit. The saved game is placed in "dlvlx" and "current" directories. If you start Tales of Paraverse again the game will load saved game if possible.
NB:If you die, saved game will be removed!
Next group is for keys which are not added to other groups.

Special commands (type after pressing #)

quit Exit the game
help Show some help
makeprotoblood Make protoblood from corpse
train Get a new level
trainsk Improve a status of your skill
shopping Buy or sell items

How to play Tales of Paraverse?

When you launch the game you need to select race and profession of your character by pressing correspondent key. Choosing of profession dialog Then you will see something like on the screenshot above. First line in the game is always so called "status line". It contains information about current status of player's character (e.g. Current and maximum health and so on). Second line has two functions. First is that all short messages are printed in second line. Second is that this line is used as input line for all special commands. First thing you must do is to examine you stats and inventory by pressing 'i' and 'p'. This is an example of inventory window:

Inventory windowA content of your backpack may be different, but you will always have a digger. Each thing in your backpack is called "item". Let me talk more about items. All items in Tales of Paraverse are divided on categories or classes. Look at the table:

Class Comment
Weapons Items which can increase your damage
Tools Items which can be used to do special action
Armor Items which can increase your armory class
Food You must eat theese items to survive


This class of items gives to you ability to make bigger damage to you monsters than you can do it with your own hands. To use a weapon you need to take it from your backpack with "wield" command (by pressing 'w').
NB: You can wield only 1 weapon. You can only change wielded weapon and can not add another one.
What profit is in wielding a weapon? First you can make more damage (for example damage from hands is 1d3+0 and damage from long sword is 3d3+1). Second is that you attack bonus can be increased if you are wielding good weapon.


Items of this class increase your armory class while are in your backpack. Armory class (AC) is your ability to resist attacks on you. Than higher your AC is than less hit points you lose.


You must eat to survive. It is not unusual. There are many kinds of food in Tales of Paraverse. All food are divided on meat/vegetables and protoblood. Protoblood is not exactly a food. It is a special substance to sustain life of Divine Assassins. See "Lexx" series to learn more about Divine Assassins. It can not be used as food for characters with another profession. But Divine Assassins can not eat and use only protoblood to survive. If your character is Divine Assassin you can make protoblood for yourself to survive. For that you must use #makeprotoblood command and specify any source of food. That gives to you chance to convert it in protoblood with (100+luck)/200 chance. In any case you lose that piece of food.
Player's character have special variable called "nutrition". You can not know its value, but it directly controls "life force" of your character. When nutrition is more than 1500 you choke to death. When it is less than -100 you die from hunger. But it is a way to know your nutrition indirectly. Look at last word in status line. It can be:

Last word in status line Comment Nutrition
Hungry You are hungry. Maybe you need to eat something. From 50 to 150
Weak You need to eat or you'll die. From 0 to 50
Fainting You are dieing from hunger. Below 0
Satiated Oops! You have eaten too much. Above 1000
Something else It is ok. Between 150 and 1000

Here you can see all kinds of food sources in the game:

Name Nutrition Who can eat
Vial of protoblood 150 Divine Assassins
Handmade protoblood 100 Divine Assassins
Food ration 200 All with exception of Divine Assassins
Mold corpse 100 All with exception of Divine Assassins
Orc corpse 150 All with exception of Divine Assassin


TODO: Write this section


A skill represents the learned knowledge and abilities of a character. Skills can be acquired during the game or be "internal" (i.e. given from very begining of the game). You can improve each type of skills using skill points (with 'D' command). When your character gains a new level, he gets 5 skill points + 1 skill point per 10 levels. Each skill needs n skill points to gain n-th level (e.g. 3 skill points to gain third level). In addition to that all skills have so called "status". Status has one of theese values: n - normal (good posession of skill), e - expert (better posession) or m - master (exellent posession).

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